Dialedinc.com is proud to present the "Fluid Bag & Cans Combo".  Our Fluid Bag & Cans are only as big as necessary making transportation,  loading and unloading easier.  The Fluid Bags come equipped with a Nylon handle for carrying and a wrap around zipper allowing the top to fully open making access to your Fluid Cans simple.  Constructed with 600 denier polyester on the outside, thin sealed-in foam on the inside  makes these bags durable, cleanable, and light weight.  We have all experienced a container that has been ruined by leaking fluids weather it was super glue, shock oil, diff oil, filter oil, locktite or any other nasty liquids.  Well we have the cure.  Our fluid cans store and seal each individual container of fluid.  The clear durable tubes allow easy identification of its contents, along with fill in the blank labels on the lids. Each Fluid Bag includes 20 Fluid Cans.

Includes 20 clear sealed containers for all your fluids such as shock oil, diff oil, locktite, super glue, misc grease, etc.

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